Influenced by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, I create unique paintings and functional art that embodies the meditative ocean waters and seemingly endless views. Like water and the body flows, so do the mediums I use to invoke perspective and emotion. My body of work includes encaustic, acrylic, alcohol ink, and resin.

From my seaside studio in Poulsbo, Washington, I draw inspiration from the layers of life. I build upon each layer of melted pigmented wax until the painting starts to develop. As the beautiful imperfections become visible, I know where to build or scrape away to highlight or reveal specific textures. This medium allows me to be effortlessly present and connected to the story I’m telling on the canvas.

Every person who views my work will see something different. Each story is a silent conversation between the art and the eye of the beholder invoking an emotion that soothes, calms, energizes, or uplifts.

“The freer the soul, the more abstract painting becomes.” {Marc Chagall}

~ Patti Brown